Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NYE 2013 Ruminations on Blog

TexSho is seeing things in a different light these days.

As 2013 comes to a blessed finale - we recognize it's been a tough year for many folks, and more sympathetic we could not be - TexSho is working to be the leader in the method we're developing for the promotion of Texas entertainment.

The ultimate goal is to grow our industry and all of its segments. Period.


In a nutshell, dWOMMm, or digital Word Of Mouth Management marketing, is a technique we've devised by which we combine the underlying tactics of social media engagement strategy, content strategy, and traditional publicity & promotional strategies to deliver an intense high-impact low-cost "burst" campaign for independent films and new media projects. It works with or without a complete marketing campaign; at the beginning, middle, or end of the production; as a rescue effort; or soup-to-nuts.

As we continue to build out the framework, we've discovered a few things. One of those realizations is the nature of this blog. We'll probably never have a fancy website, though we are shopping around for another blogging solution. We can work on top of the TexSho brand, a cheaper option to an indie's marketing micro-budgets, though it is likelier more effective to develop and engage from their own brand.

Native content and activity - including shares, Likes, follows - gains organic reach within the platform/application, and that reach is about to get slapped with a price tag. Most importantly, not every single person is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, or <insert hot new social technology here>. Think that's shocking? Then hang on, friends.

Here it is, and we know this is gonna simply blow you over with a feather.

Almost every person on Planet Earth is online, amid the Interwebs, riding the 'tubes. The blog is a single URL, a hyperlink, accessible through browsers and apps and mobile devices with fewer barriers to entry. You don't gotta sign in to get to www.texsho.com.

The blog is the single-source repository and re-distribution node of all of those links and all of that content TexSho is working to generate and curate. 

So there it is.


Happy New Year, y'all. 
We'll be talking to you real soon!

Friday, December 6, 2013

We Have Needs, You Have Needs

+TexSho needs some new artwork for the logos, profiles, and covers of the various social media platforms we maintain. We're working on it.

Oh, and a blogroll. Any suggestions?

Also, and, as always, TexSho really really really wants your photos of Texas locations that would make a particular good scene or shot, or even could inspire lyrics or prose!


  • The houses in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and it's remake
  • That meadow in A Perfect World
  • The buildings and skylines in RoboCop and RoboCop 2
  • The cookie-cutter hi-tech cube world of Office Space
  • The gritty landscapes of True Grit
  • The hipster locales of Death Proof
  • The alien vistas of Predators

Take a picture. Send it to us, with a description and your permission, and we'll post it in a gallery. 

Heck, maybe a location scout will give you a call to ask you where you found it.

Yee-Haw! The Weekend Arrives...

Saturday night, Jake Riggs plays at Autocycle Icehouse in Cedar Creek, Texas. If you've not heard of Jake Riggs, more the pity, so you should get out to this gig. He's got a great sound and plays his own guitar: a nice mishmash of bluesy, country-rock, and folksy tunes. We listen to his Huge Sally demo all the time!
Where the f--- is Cedar Creek?
Cedar Creek is east of Bastrop on Texas 21 almost to BFE - ha!.... Autocycle Icehouse's address is 426 Texas 21, Cedar Creek, TX 78612.
Techier still, here's the Foursquare short URL: http://4sq.com/YCORWK

Jake Riggs's set begins at 9:00PM. Autocycle Icehouse gets good marks on the 'nets for food, beer, and hanging out.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

An Exercise in Humility, Gratitude, Courage: My Fight - A Documentary

TexSho has this press kit - it's been sitting in a labeled Inbox for more than a month.

Why so long?

Ordinarily this would not be a relevant question - TexSho is busy being TexSho and building a brand, and this particular press kit is a pro bono goodwill kind of thing. Obviously a paying client wouldn't be left to wait in our Inbox. TexSho went to the trouble to check and there's no critical date attached as it is still in production (Powerlunch Production and The Indie Mind).

For TexSho there's no issue. We'll get to it.

I'm the one having trouble writing about it, and the one that feels it needs the immediate exposure - me, Mike Hamm.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Giving Thanks

TexSho will eat, drink, and be merry. 

TexSho does not acknowledge Black Friday.

That said, we will not post a Weekender: odds are, like us your dance card is full enough as is! 

See y'all on Monday, bright and early.

... and, hey...


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Location, Location, Location: LOCKHART

Friend of TexSho +Christian Cisneros  sent us some good copy to pitch the City of Lockhart, Texas in Caldwell County as a very Texan and production friendly small town.

Lockhart is home to some incredible BBQ as well as The Moving Image Company, Christian and Robert Stewart's production company.

Robert Luke, a Man Waiting to be Discovered

Here's a director's reel by a local Austin filmmaker & denizen of the ATX genre scene that needs to be seen. 

Better still, someone bankroll the production TexSho hears he's shopping around.

It is our great honor to present to you the work of 

writer, producer, director